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1 - Using the designated link, select your needed dates and 9+ rooms and click “Quick Search” to be taken to the “New Quote Request” page.

2 - On this page, fill in all necessary information regarding your team’s need, and proceed as directed. (recommend “Let me select the hotels to Quote” to better target desired properties)

​​​​​3 - On the next page you will then be able to select those properties in which you would like to receive a quote & they will be sent an RFP based on your needs.

4 - Group is assigned a Planner and receives an e-mail from that Planner with Login/Password where they can see the hotel offers.

5 - Group will receive offers (mostly within 12-48 hours) from participating hotels.

6 - Choose the hotel(s) you wish to follow up with and interact with your dedicated Planner directly.

7 - Once you have selected a hotel, you will sign a contract with them directly and they will send you a booking link and or call in number with a designated group code.

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